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Energy Saving System.

DM-ES-M Series


DIGIMAX CONTROL (DM-ES ) Power saving system is an innovated Energy Saver solution to reduce the electric power consumption. DM-ES improve Power factor, decrease harmonics , eliminates EMF and has transient surge protector. DM-ES can reduce up to 40% of your electricity consumption every month.   DM-ES is suitable for power saving with inductance load of household, commercial areas, industry, warehouse, hospital or any place with 3 phase electricity.   DM-ES has advanced technology of DSP and Fuzzy Control using advanced high speed microcontroller. Principle : The fundamental principle of power compensation is the parallel connection of a special capacitive power loading device and an inductive power loading device in the electric circuit, whenever the capacitive load discharges, the other part, inductive load would be charged and vice versa. Energy is interchanged between them. Part of energy charged to the inductive power-loading device is compensated by the energy discharged from the capacitive power-loading device. Instant compensation particularly refers the compensation made to the end point electric apparatus. Installation of the device would be at the power source near the apparatus in the circuit. The device is small in size, highly effective and can be installed easily. It would be essential to implementation of power saving.

Main Feature:

  • Save Up to 20%-40% of electricity bill.
  • Suitable for any commercial area and Factory.
  • It does not connect between the main power source and the internal supply line.
  • Provides superior elimination of harmful static electricity.
  • Safe design to achieve saving.
  • Improve power factor.
  • Optimal Power Management.
  • Double electric insulation.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stabilize current.
  • Stabilizes voltage.
  • Decrease overheating of cables.
  • Harmonizes electrical current, reduces.
  • Support 3 Phase AC 3 or 4 wire Power network.


  • Load Limit: up to 1.5 MW
  • Rated Voltage: up to 450 VAC, 50Hz / 60 Hz
  • Working Temperature: 32 to 140 F ( O to 60 degrees Celsius )
  • Use one Intelligent works power saver for every 1.5 MW 3 phases
  • Altitude: (6000 ft
  • Humidity:
  • Save electricity .
  • Legal, 100% safe. Environment
  • friendly